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2D Animation

Duration: 6 Months


2D animation is to create a series of images that, when played in sequence, give the illusion of movement. 2D animators use a combination of pencil drawings and computer animation to create scenes and characters for various media platforms such as cartoons, advertisements, and videos. If you are looking to pursue a career in 2D animation, you can consider the following objectives to include in your resume: to provide quality animation in a fast-paced setting, to create engaging visuals for a variety of media, to utilize skills in animation and storytelling to create compelling content, to bring experience in 3D animation, motion graphics, and character design to create high-level animation, and to obtain a position as a 2D Animator to utilize strengths in Adobe software and storyboarding

Course Content

Module 1: Introduction to Animation

  • Understanding the fundamentals of graphic design
  • History and evolution of graphic design
  • Role of graphic designers in various industries
  • Overview of design software and tools

Module 2: Design Principles

  • Learning the core principles of animation (e.g., squash and stretch, timing, anticipation)
  • Animation terminology and concepts
  • Practical exercises and demonstrations
  • Applying principles to simple animations

Module 3: Storyboarding and Scripting

  • Storytelling techniques and scriptwriting for animation
  • Storyboarding fundamentals
  • Creating storyboards for animation projects
  • Narrative development and character design

Module 4: Character Animation

  • Character design and development
  • Rigging and character setup
  • Keyframe animation techniques
  • Walk cycles, expressions, and character acting

Module 5: Backgrounds and Environments

  • Designing backgrounds and environments
  • Creating depth and perspective in 2D scenes
  • Integrating characters with backgrounds
  • Environmental animation techniques

Module 6: Traditional Animation

  • Traditional hand-drawn animation methods
  • Flipbook animation and frame-by-frame techniques
  • Ink and paint processes
  • Bringing traditional animation into the digital realm

Module 7: Digital Animation Tools

  • Introduction to 2D animation software (e.g., Adobe Animate, Toon Boom)
  • Digital drawing and painting techniques
  • Creating vector-based animations
  • Basic animation production pipeline

Module 8: Effects and Special Animation

  • Adding special effects (e.g., fire, water, smoke)
  • Particle systems and dynamic animations
  • Creating visual effects for animated sequences
  • Practical exercises in effect animation

Module 9: Sound and Music in Animation

  • Importance of sound in animation
  • Sound design and voiceovers
  • Adding music and sound effects
  • Synchronization of audio with animation

Module 10: Portfolio Development

  • Compiling and organizing your animation portfolio
  • Creating a showreel of your best work
  • Crafting a resume and cover letter for animation positions
  • Preparing for job interviews and freelance opportunities

Module 11: Industry Trends and Specializations

  • Exploring emerging trends in 2D animation
  • Specialization options (e.g., character animation, motion graphics)
  • Final animation project and showcase
  • Graduation and certification

Skills Needed

  • Knowledge of animation theory: 2D animators need to have a solid understanding of animation theory
  • Creativity: Animators need to be creative and imaginative
  • Patience: Animators need to be patient as animation is a time-consuming process
  • Attention to detail: Animators need to have a keen eye for detail
  • Drawing skills: Drawing skills are essential for 2D animators
  • Computer literacy: Animators need to be familiar with graphics software, visual effects, 3D rendering, design and animation software, character rigging, animation fundamentals, storyboarding, color theory, and motion capture software

Career oppotunities

2D Character Animator

Storyboard Artist

Background Artist

Concept Artist

Clean-Up Artist

Career oppotunities

Inbetween Animator

Layout Artist

Effects Animator

Teaching and Training

Animation Director

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